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Travel & Holiday Tips

Government officials are addressed by their titles such as Senator, Congressman or Director. Otherwise, usual modes of address and levels of politeness are expected. Casual dress is acceptable in most places, but in Muslim areas the visitor should cover up. Filipino men may wear an embroidered long-sleeved shirt or a plain white barong tagalong with black trousers for formal occasions. The Philippines are, in many respects, more westernized than any other Asian country, but there is a rich underlay of Malay culture.


Usually 10 per cent of the bill. Hotels
generally add a 15 per cent service charge, but it is customary to leave small change.

International Travel:
Note: All travel to central, southern and western Mindanao, to Basilan, Tawi-Tawi and the Sulu archipelago is advised against.

Do’s & Don’ts – Things to Remember

• Most Filipino visitors are able to speak English.
• Older Filipino visitors of Chinese descent may not speak English, or understand some of the facilities available in the room.
• Loyalty to family or friends comes first.
• Hospitality is a part of the Filipino character.
• 'Face' is important to the Filipino visitor.
• Age and status should be recognized and respected.
• Filipinos tend to be fatalistic (What will be, will be).
• The Philippines is a "have" and "have not" society.
• High levels of personal service are expected.
• Conflict is to be avoided.
• Women are considered to have equal status.
• Filipinos (especially the women) tend to be conservative in interpersonal relationships.
• Physical contact should be kept to a minimum, especially between sexes.
• Filipinos are used to bargaining.
• Punctuality is not a strong point.
• No-smoking rules and practices may need to be explained.

Places to Go:

The Philippines is composed of 7107 islands (7108 at low tide), with a total coastline longer than that of the USA. The warm tropical waters offer the attractions of sunbathing and swimming, while divers and snorkelers can explore coral gardens with beautiful marine life and dramatic drop-offs on the sea bed. Charter planes can be hired for reaching some of the more remote islands. Inland, the rich history and culture of the Filipino people, the dramatic landscapes and thriving cities will fascinate the visitor. For the purposes of this guide, this section has been divided into three areas, with the main tourist attractions listed under Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao and the South.

Recommended Travel Destinations:

Manila & Area
Capital and hub of the nation, Manila is situated on the east coast of Luzon. Places of interest include San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral, from which there is an excellent view of the 2072 sq km (800 sq miles) of the harbor, and the ruins of Fort Santiago. Outside the Intramuros is Chinatown, a market in the district of Binondo, crowded with shops, stalls and restaurants. Luneta Park contains the Rizal Monument, a memorial to the execution of this great Filipino intellectual of the late 19th century. Other places of interest are the American Cemetery and Coconut Palace.

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